Ostomy Aid Review

Do you remember the first time you emptied your ostomy? Are you just now facing emptying it for the first time? Does it worry you? I am writing this post to share with you a device that can assist you in emptying your pouch – and save you the worry!

Ostomy Aid was created with patient dignity in mind. To be perfectly honest, even after years of practice emptying, I still had the occasion to pop the clip off a little too early… which always resulted in a big cleanup. Ostomy Aid is a way to empty the pouch while comfortably sitting down on the toilet – like you would connected. It provides a secure, wide-mouthed container within easy reach of you.

Each contains (2) brackets of different sizes to fit different width toilet rims. It also comes with (2) containers, and a package of liners. The liners provide the option for easy cleanup. Stretching the rim of the liner bags, fit a liner into the container, stretching the bag over the top of the container. Determine which bracket fits your toilet best, and slide over rim and push suction cups in to secure. The container then slides into the bracket. Putting the toilet seat down adds a little extra security to holding the device in place.

You are ready to empty! Sit on the toilet with the Ostomy Aid between your legs. Place end of pouch into container and empty as you normally would. Clean and close pouch. Using the liners can assist in cleaning up, but if you choose to empty directly into container, you can measure your output. The container has measuring makers in ounces and mls.

Working as a nurse on a GI floor where I am often the first to help patients empty, I can see the need for this. I have seen splatters and explosions, and patients left in embarrassment. I have been there. I was the one whose ostomy output didn’t quite make it where it was supposed to. I was the one apologizing the those cleaning it up, as I could not even kneel over to help after surgery. I wish I had Ostomy Aid after surgery, and I wish I could offer this to patients after theirs.

If you are interested in Ostomy Aid, please check out their website! Ordering is easy, and they have a great refund policy is you are not satisfied or if something breaks with their product!






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