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hi there.

Here we are, attempting to write something captivating. I’m not a writer; I am nowhere close to being a writer. What I do enjoy is sharing information and education patients. I have always done that through videos on YouTube.

One thing I have learned over the years as both a “YouTuber” as well as a registered nurse is that not all patients have the same access to information. In my time caring for ostomy patients via telehealth, I saw the amazing resources some hospitals have. I also saw the lack of resources others had. Some patients would have in-patient classes, while others would be sent home with a couple of ostomy bags and a “good luck”. It was quite a shock to a nurse who’d once had every resource available to her with just a quick phone call.

I have also noticed that all patients learn differently. Some prefer the hands-on method, while others can preform a medical procedure after simply being shown. Some retain the information by reading, others by watching.

With my experience in ostomy care (you know, living with one for eleven years) and assisting them in my nursing career, I want to offer multiple platforms of information. This here is my attempt at a written source.

I also hope to fill in the gaps. It breaks my heart to see patients being sent home with next to no information. When they lack the education they should have, where do they turn? If I can provide a unique perspective as both a patient who has been through it, and a nurse who was trained to deal with these issues, hopefully I can fill in where patients need it most.


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